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CodeRush Plugins

Adding even more awesome to CodeRush

Welcome to CodeRush Plugins.

This site is here to provide a simple one stop shop for finding plugins for CodeRush.

Initially I'll be adding the plugins whose source is stored here on github, but I'll also be happy enough to add references to plugins held elsewhere.

Are you new here? Then perhaps you'd like to check out Our FAQ.

If you want to get straight to the plugins, then you;ll want to checkout Our Plugins Page

Perhaps you want to help improve the site. If that sounds like you're cup of tea, then feel free to Fork The Site and send pull requests.

If you'd like to contact me and chat about a plugin you'd like to write, or one you've already written then my full contact details are on The Contacts Page

Note: This site is regularly refactored. As such certain information may have been duplicated in multiple locations. Please bear with us as this website's Refactoring and Deduplication tools are nowhere near as good as CodeRush's :)